Show Clients How They Can Build Real Wealth Without Stock Market Risk…And Without Using Uncomfortable Sales ‘Tactics’…

Truth Concepts™ Calculator Software may just be your best business partner for sharing financial FACTS.

Unquestionably, the best way to become highly proficient in our software is by attending a LIVE Truth Training.

But schedules don’t always cooperate.

That’s why we created Truth Concepts Academy…the next best thing to being there!


Get INSTANT, 24/7 Access to Todd’s Truth Concepts™ Calculator Trainings!

The revised, expanded Truth Concepts Academy features:
  • 24+ recorded trainings covering all of the essential calculators; including some never publicly available until now!
  • the stories and financial concepts that go with the numbers
  • brief summaries of what’s in each video
  • a downloadable PDF of calculator templates; and
  • convenient links to related online archives and articles

Value-priced at a one-time cost of $997, you can earn back your investment many times over with just one new client!

What exactly is in Truth Concepts Academy?

You’ll get over 6 hours of trainings recorded live at Truth Trainings and other exclusive events.
The 24+ online lectures cover the following calculators and topics:
  • The Maximum Potential calculator – show the importance of saving safely rather than chasing uncertain rates of return.
  • Qualified Plan calculator – Factor the true rate of return after taxes and fees.
  • Using the Borrowing Strategy calculator to demonstrate the ability to borrow against and pay back any asset at different interest rates for cars or other major purchases.
  • How an effective borrowing strategy can save business owners a LOT of money on equipment leases!
  • Loan Analysis calculator – Compare different mortgages and loans.
  • 15-year Vs. 30-year mortgages – Demonstrate that a 15-year mortgage may save an interest payment, but not an interest cost.
  • Funding Illustration – Compare whole life insurance to other savings vehicles.
  • Using the Diversification calculator to show the impact of diversifying investments using whole life insurance.
  • How to use the Life Insurance Values tool to import real-life numbers from policy illustrations into your Truth Concepts
  • Measure the Internal Rate of Return on a life insurance policy’s cash value.
  • Identify the ROR an alternate account would have to earn to be comparable to life insurance, taking into consideration taxes, term insurance and/or management fees.
  • Real Estate Analysis calculator: Measure the ROR on an investment real estate deal.
  • Accumulation calculator: Identify each aspect of accumulating money and all its corresponding costs on any type of asset (taxable, tax-deductible, tax-deferred, tax-free).
  • Distribution calculator: Compare varying strategies for distributing money in clients later years.
  • How Banks Make Money – Demonstrate the profit methods used by banks and show how clients can apply the same strategy.
  • Car Financing & Real Life – Calculate interest rates properly on cars, leases, and loans. Learn if dealer financing is too good to be true.
  • Financial Calculators – How to make the most of Truth Concept basic and financial calculators.
  • How to talk to clients about Term Conversion.
  • Why insurance companies charge more for monthly payments and the shocking financing rates of one!
  • Why level term insurance was good for the insurance companies but not for most term policy holders – and how it benefits whole life policy owners!
  • Can you invest at 6% with debt at 8% and get ahead? (No you can’t… here’s why.)
  • Cash Flow calculator training including a demonstration of The Laffer Curve and how taxes erode wealth.
  • Use Market History and Tax Table
  • Average Vs. Actual rates of return for mutual funds, stocks, or any other investment.
  • Plus invaluable gems of wisdom, tips, stories and thought-provoking questions from Todd Langford.
7 day money back guarantee golden sign, vector illustration
There’s no risk to try it. We are so confident you will love it, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. Take a full week to explore it it. If you decide Truth Concepts Academy isn’t for you after all, simply contact for a full refund.
Top producers use Truth Concepts software DAILY. Now you can gain confidence using many of the Truth Concepts calculators, too.
With Truth Concepts Academy, you’ll be able to:
  • Have the perfect follow-up review or (or before-event primer) to one of our 3-day live Truth Trainings.  Pause as needed to take notes.
  • Replay the portions that you need to hear again and again.
  • Commit presentation outlines to memory.
  • Brush up on relevant calculators before a client meeting.
Lifetime access: These courses and resources never expire.
Through Truth Concepts™ Academy, you’ll have 24/7 access to Truth Concepts software training – anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection!
I marvel at the fact that each calculator includes so many options to illustrate multiple circumstances. I also appreciate Todd’s stories (how to talk to clients) which make the calculators become alive for the client, and for me!
Frank Cherniawski

Wealth Management Institute

About your instructor, Todd Langford:
For over 25 years, Todd Langford has been on the forefront of financial software development and training. As the CEO and developer of Truth Concepts™ software, Todd has been using calculators to tell the truth about money ever since his first calculators caused him to reconsider his own beliefs about financial strategies. Considered by many to be the industry expert, Todd has trained top producers along with new agents and advisors committed to accelerating their success. Todd’s Truth Trainings garner rave reviews and attract repeat attendees, and he has been an in-demand speaker at industry conferences such as the IBC Think Tank. Todd is also co-founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement and The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors, founded with his wife, top producer, financial author and Truth Training assistant, Kim Butler.
The Truth Concepts software training is second to none. Todd is the industry expert.
Paul Luchau

Mountain Financial

Even though I’m probably the least analytical agent I know, TC allows me to level the playing field with CPAs, MBAs, CFOs, etc, etc. It’s so much so that I actually have a comfort level with TC-live demos! My job would be much, much harder without Truth Concepts!â
Joe Pantozzi

Las Vegas, Nevada

The borrowing strategy, qualified plan and future requirements calculators are such an easy and honest way to show clients the truth about what is in store for them in the future. They see it with their own eyes and are then ready to move forward, making plans to make their future a place to look forward to instead of fear.
Tomas McFie

President at Life Benefits, Inc.